5 Ways to Keep Legal Costs Down

When hiring a lawyer, cost is usually one of the largest concerns. Thankfully, there are ways that allow you to control how much you spend. By following a few important tips, you can keep your legal costs down while still getting the high quality legal representation you need. Here are five ways you can help keep your bill under the control.

Get Organized

Legal matters involve a lot of records, forms and documents. Personal injury cases might have copious amounts of medical bills to sort through. A divorce might require you to collect bank statements from all of your accounts for several years back. You can see how this could all be a recipe for an organization disaster.

You don’t want your lawyer using valuable, billable time to sort through a mess of disorganized documents. Take the time to organize all of the papers that affect your case in an easy-to-access, logical manner. Use folders or binders to arrange the documents in a way that will be easy for your lawyer to understand. Doing this leg work at home before you meet with your attorney is a great way to keep your legal costs down.

Plan Your Phone Calls or Emails Carefully

Sometimes people make the mistake of treating phone calls to their lawyer like conversations with a counselor. While we do take our role as legal counsel very seriously, it is best to keep conversations on track by staying on topic and following an agenda. Before you make your call or send an email, make sure that you take enough time to think of everything you want to cover and which questions you need answered by your attorney. Make notes or an outline to keep yourself from rambling or becoming over emotional. Don’t make the mistake of paying for your venting sessions.

Be Clear About Your Desired Outcome

One of the most important things to do when working with your lawyer is to make sure that they understand your desired outcome. What is your best case scenario? What does your dream result look like? Which things are more important than others?

Your lawyer can’t read your mind. Make sure that you clearly express what you hope to gain from your case, and that your attorney understands. Assuming that your attorney will know what you want is a bad idea. And changing your mind about the course of your case may lead to your attorney doing duplicate or redundant work, meaning some of your money may be wasted as a result of your indecision.

Consider Mediation

Mediation is much more cost effective than long, drawn out litigation. If mediation may be a good choice for your matter, you should give it serious consideration. Doing so could save you some serious cash.

The lawyers at Skulborstad Legal Group, LLC are open to collaborative problem solving strategies like mediation if it is right for our client. We will also be frank if we think that mediation isn’t the right course of action. We are never afraid to take your case to court if we believe that’s the best decision.

Choose the Right Battles

Legal matters and disputes can be emotionally charged. Don’t let your temper or your thirst for vengeance cost you in legal fees by fighting every petty, minor battle. By listening to your attorney, you can get good advice about which legal battles are worth your time, energy and

At Skulborstad Legal Group, LLC we want to be as cost-effective as possible while providing you with the best legal services possible. Contact us in Colorado Springs, Colorado or Castle Rock, Colorado to talk about your legal problem, and how we can be the cost-conscious law firm you are looking for.

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