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Choosing the Right Firm and Attorney

This is probably the most important decision you will make when it comes to keeping your budget under control. Choosing a lawyer who understands that legal fees can be a strain on your wallet, and will work with you to make sure you pay as little as possible, is key. You should also pick an attorney that has a focus on your area of law. This is because they will be familiar with that legal topic and expensive time will not be spent paying for the attorney to “learn” that area.  It also means that your lawyer will be abreast of changes in the law and how to apply your particular circumstances to the law.  Additionally, if your lawyer is familiar with your legal topic, they will know the best experts, mediators and local resources to handle your case efficiently.  Furthermore, your lawyer will be able to quickly respond to your needs and it will take your lawyer less time to do so because it is not the first time such an issue has presented itself.  An experienced lawyer will have a game plan and stay focused and organized, which will save you money.  We service multiple counties in Colorado, including Douglas, Elbert, El Paso, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Chaffee, Teller, Adams and Denver.  You will find our offices in Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.

Our Open Door Policy.

Some lawyers will nickel and dime you by making up charges, inflating the bill or sneaking costs in on you. We just don’t tolerate that sort of thing. If we charge you, we will tell you exactly what those charges were for. Transparency is one of our core values. Should you ever feel concerned or have questions about what you were charged, it is important to us that we hear from you.  We pride ourselves on honest, fairly priced representation.  We are affordable attorneys.

Your case is personal to you, and you are likely experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions when you think about your legal problem. By hiring a good law firm, they will be able to handle your case professionally and without the problem of emotional ties to the case. Sometimes clients may make decisions based on emotion that will cost them more money in the long run. We won’t let that happen.

Our firm policy is to keep you updated on your fees and charges. We will offer you billing statements on a regular basis to keep you informed about what your case is costing you. You don’t like surprises, and neither do we.
Technology continually progresses at a rapid rate, and Skulborstad Legal Group takes advantage of these developments to reduce costs and maximize value.  For example, we offer web-conferencing and access to a secure case portal.  We have services where our clients can input information directly into documents, sign documents electronically, work collaboratively with our attorneys making in-time changes to documents, and access their case to see upcoming events without having to speak with anyone.  Any reduction in time reduces costs.
When we agree to represent you, we expect you to hold us accountable. We keep you in the loop, not just with a quick email or call, but with comprehensive reports about the specifics of what we’ve been working on. We also take pride in keeping close track of the time we spend working on your case. Some attorneys will round their fees to the nearest quarter hour. Trust us when we say that can add up. If we write a 3 minute email concerning your case, you won’t get charged for 15 minutes of work. You can expect to be charged for as little as .1 hours, or 6 minutes at a time.
Upon accepting a case, our attorneys engage in a well-designed, early case assessment aimed at reducing client cost, avoiding potential problems down the line, and getting ahead of any adversary.  Our attorneys perform a legal risk analysis and develop an individualized strategy based on each case’s circumstances and facts.  Our attorneys take time to ensure our clients understand the facts and how they apply to the law.  Giving this information to our clients allows them to fulling understand their case and effectively engage in settlement discussions.  Understanding one’s case and the risks involved helps resolve disputes before litigation commences or helps solidify a course of action.
Do you want to pay a lawyer’s rate of $300 an hour for someone stuffing envelopes or making copies? Effective use of support staff keeps your costs down. Paralegals and office assistants are trained to handle certain aspects of your matter, at a much lower cost. You can even control your bill by asking to speak to the paralegal, who can do all they can to assist you at a lower rate, only involving the attorney when it is absolutely necessary. And if our attorneys need to answer a phone or do a paralegal task, we will do that at a paralegal rate or will discount the time they spend. Our staff is a team, and we all work to keep your level of service high and your costs down.

We Encourage Mediation if It’s Right For You.

Mediation is cheaper than litigation.  Avoiding litigation can save you valuable time, energy, and money.  If we believe mediation presents the best chance of resolving your case, we will do all we can to keep resolve your matter quickly and out of court.  We can assist you with finding the right mediator with the right professional background to handle your case. We can contact other lawyers, and former magistrates and attorneys to act as an impartial mediator in your case.  Additionally, we try and enhance the scope of our relationship with the other attorney to enhance opportunites for settlement.  Quality communication with the other side often helps avoid future potential litigation.

Any Questions? Just Ask

If you have questions about the costs of legal help, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call.
We are always willing to talk to about making your legal services affordable.