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  • I am a proud US Veteran who served as a Paralegal in the United States Army.  Being that I was a child of the United States Army, answering “Where are you from?” is normally a lengthy conversation.  I was born in California, but have had the diverse experience of living in eight different States and in three different countries. I enjoy crocheting and tutoring children in math.
  • I am a naturally happy person. Hard work, determination, and tact is how I accomplish every task that comes my way. I find pride in being consistent, compassionate, and courteous in every situation.
  • Superior customer service is my top priority. I bring over 10 years of customer service in the legal field by way of employment and volunteering. I did my job for fun! You can rest firm in the knowledge that your questions and concerns will be addressed to the very best of my ability. I look forward to meeting you and getting you connected with one of the best lawyers in town.
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More about Gina Oden

Mission and Focus

My mission is to provide superior legal assistance to our clients and to our attorneys. I am dedicated to keeping our clients informed and moving forward in their legal process in an efficient, accurate and timely manner.  I will listen well and convey messages to the legal team quickly and concisely.  I will always treat everyone with dignity and respect, including all judicial clerks and opposing parties, to uphold our law firm's reputation and dedication to practicing ethically.

Experience and Accolades

I worked as a Paralegal in the United States Army.  Additionally, I have experience working for Judges, Magistrates, District Attorneys, as well as Private Attorneys.  

  • Secretary of State of the State of Colorado Jena Griswold, Colorado Notary Public (Commission expires June 4, 2025)
  • President Barack Obama, 2013 The President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • Governor of Texas Rick Perry, 2012, Yellow Rose of Texas
  • President Barack Obama, 2011, The President’s Volunteer Service Award