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  • I joined Skulborstad Legal Group, LLC as a paralegal after spending two and a half years in a personal injury law firm. While I enjoyed helping people during these civil disputes, I knew there was a wide world of the law that I had yet to explore. When an opportunity came up with Skulborstad, I jumped on the opportunity. This was a new way for me to engage in the legal field while assisting people in an entirely new realm of the law. I have a passion for writing pleadings, from motions to disclosures, and always enjoy investigating into different pieces of information. I enjoy communicating between parties, counselors, and the court system and will be there to assist throughout the lifetime that a case has with the firm.
  • I was born and raised in Colorado and only ever left for a long period of time to complete my bachelor’s degree in Phoenix, Arizona. Being in the desert made me realize just how much I missed Colorado Springs and I happily moved back when school was over with. I spend each opportunity I can on a trail or admiring our mountains. When I am not hiking, I enjoy reading, writing, baking an assortment of treats (homemade cheesecake is my favorite), and playing video games with my husband and our cat.
  • I received both my bachelors and my masters degree at Grand Canyon University. My bachelors degree was in justice studies with a minor in pre-law. My masters degree was a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Legal Studies.
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More about Mikayla Holst

Mission and Focus

My mission is to provide superior legal assistance to our clients and to the firm's attorneys. I am dedicated to keeping our clients informed and moving forward in their legal process in an efficient, accurate and timely manner.  I will listen well and convey messages to the legal team quickly and concisely.  I will always treat everyone with dignity and respect, including all judicial clerks and opposing parties, to uphold our law firm's reputation and dedication to practicing ethically.

Experience and Accolades

  • Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ
    • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
      • Emphasis in Legal Studies
      • Graduated with Honors
  • Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ 
    • Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies
      • Graduated with Honors