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Colorado Child Support Attorneys – Is Your Support Appropriate?

Middle-Class American’s spend about $244,000 to raise a child. Both parents have a responsibility to pay their fair share of this significant, but precious investment. Don’t believe that you have to bear the financial strain of parenthood alone. Our knowledgeable Colorado child support lawyers can help you learn how much support your child is entitled to receive, and how to pursue that parental contribution in court.

How is Child Support determined in Colorado?

 Colorado uses a child support guideline that must be followed unless the Court finds specific facts that would warrant an exception. However, don’t count on an exception to the rule: the guidelines are presumptive.

The guidelines consider several factors: the number of overnights, gross income, other children, some children’s expenses and other important factors.  The legislature has decided how much families spend on their children and use this figure to determine an appropriate child support award.

How much child support can I expect?

The answer will differ based on the circumstances of each individual case. There is no way to know the exact amount unless you speak with a Colorado child support lawyer about your personal circumstances. Don’t wait another day to pursue the child support your children deserve. Contact us to talk about how much child support you may expect to receive.

What if my ex doesn’t pay?

We can assist you with getting an income assignment to force payment directly from their employer. We can also help you collect back payments that your co-parent owes.  Skulborstad Legal Group, LLC will fight for you and make them pay.

How long will I receive child support?

Child support for each child lasts until they reach the age of 19. If the child has special needs, there may be an opportunity to receive support beyond age 19. Child support obligations end if a child is legally emancipated, or if they are the victim of an untimely death.

What if my financial situation changes?

 Our Colorado family lawyers can help parents modify their child support payments up or down. Circumstances change, and there are ways to modify the child support obligation to fit the new situation.

Child support obligations are serious, and no one should get away with failing to live up to their obligations. Together we can make sure you get the money you and your children are entitled to receive. Contact me today to talk about child support enforcement in Colorado.