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Do you need a Child Custody lawyer? We can help.

Don’t let uncertainty about what will happen to your children keep you from making the right decisions about your personal relationships.

Whether you are going through a divorce or you’re a single parent, getting a solid custody plan in place is crucial to the well-being of your children. Let us guide you through the Colorado child custody process by helping your family create the right parenting plan for your children.

When it comes to families, one size does not fit all. Our family law attorneys understand that. We will work with you and your co-parent to find the best possible custody solution for you and your children.

Can I get sole custody?

 In Colorado family matters we do not have “custody.”  Instead, we have parenting time and decision making responsibility.  Decision making responsibility pertains to how major decisions are made. Major decisions include those regarding education, medical, dental, mental health, and religion. Decision making responsibility can be joint or sole.

Parenting time involves the time each parent spends sharing a living space and having day-to-day responsibilities for the children’s care. The appropriate parenting time schedule is going to vary by family, giving consideration to the children’s and parents’ specific needs.

If you have concerns about sharing parenting time or decision making responsibility with your ex-partner, contact an experienced Colorado divorce attorney to discuss your case.

If we share parenting time, will the children’s time be split 50-50?

 Not necessarily. There are many creative ways to make a parenting schedule that considers the needs of both parents and the children.

For example, a 50/50 schedule (e.g. week on, week off or 5-2-2-5) is often best for children above the age of 8 years old.  Babies and younger children need a routine and do best with a “home base.” Older children, such as kids in their mid to late teens may benefit from a more flexible schedule which considers their activities and social life.

The Colorado family law attorneys at Skulborstad Legal Group, LLC can help you brainstorm what would be best for your family, and we can work with your parenting partner or their attorney to get the result that’s right for you and your kids. Examples of possible plans include:

  • A 3-4-4-3 or 5-2-2-5 schedule
  • Alternating weeks
  • Every weekend with one parent
  • Every other weekend with one parent

If you already have a parenting plan in place, formal or informal, your child’s needs might change as they get older. We can help with documenting those changes as well as creating suitable plans from scratch

We can help you brainstorm options for your parenting schedule, and can act as an advocate when negotiating with your ex. Child custody matters are one of the greatest concerns of both single parents and divorcing couples. Contact the Colorado family law attorneys at Skulborstad Legal Group, LLC to talk about how we can help your family settle into the right arrangement.