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Meet John Nalley

Who am I?

  • John Nalley is an associate attorney at Skulborstad Legal Group and brings nearly 20 years of experience with him. John began his legal career in 2001,as a paralegal in Oklahoma,supporting and assisting attorneys and clients in all areas of family law.  After spending nine years as a family law paralegal, John knew he would better serve clients as an attorney, in more of an advocate roll.  John graduated from East Central University in 2004 with his Bachelor’s degree in political science, but went on to graduate from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2012, with a juris doctorate.  John was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar that same year.
  • With the knowledge John gained in law school and with his prior experience in family law, John started and managed the law firm of Hall, Nalley, and Holloway in October 2012.  Here, John focused in representing families in all areas of divorce and family law, including child custody, child support, alimony, adoption, modification and enforcement proceedings, and family law.  From October 2012 until December 2017, John gained vast courtroom experience, representing and advocating for clients at hundreds of court hearings and honing his courtroom skills.
  • January 2018, John fulfilled a twenty-year dream and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  John recently moved from one of the largest family law firms in the nation to join Skulborstad Legal Group. John has appeared before numerous court judges and magistrates in El Paso, Pueblo, Freemont, and Teller counties as well as several other Colorado counties.
  • Every client who navigates their way through the legal system fears the same thing: loss of control and the unexpected.  John makes it his mission to provide thoughtful and honest representation and guide clients through the process.  John will be honest and realistic from the beginning so there are no surprises at the last minute.  John’s method of practice allows clients to let go of many of their fears, anxiety and stress. John’s primary focus is to assist you in resolving your case outside of court with mediation or in a settlement.  However, if the other side is not playing fairly or is being unreasonable, John will not shy away from taking matters to trial if it is necessary to protect you, your family or interests.  He is a litigator, and a good one.
  • “I do not sugarcoat things,” John says.  “Attorneys are not cheap and clients deserve to have the law and facts laid out for them in a meaningful, honest manner.  I will do this and fully explain your risks, exposure and options, so that we can work though and implement your best options.”  “No matter what happens, I will be here to answer your questions and guide you through the process,” he said.
  • John’s mission is to use his knowledge and experience to get the best results possible for his clients during a very stressful time in their lives. With him on your side you can rest assured that you will have the best advice available as you make important decisions regarding your case and your family.
  • John looks forward to spending his free time with his amazing wife and dogs experiencing Colorado’s natural beauty.  His favorite pastime is camping in the mountains and exploring new and remote places. John also enjoys NFL football and has rightfully become a Bronco’s fan since moving here.

What’s My Mission?

John’s mission is to use his knowledge and experience to get the best results possible for his clients during a very stressful time in their lives. With him on your side you can rest assured that you will have the best advice available as you make important decisions regarding your case and your family.

Why hire me?

Because having been divorced myself, I have been in your shoes. Because I understand that our children are the most precious things in our lives. Because I have faced the financial and personal challenges that come with divorce and the changes it brings to your life. Because my passion is using my law degree, my experience, and my skills to help my clients through a very difficult time in their lives while protecting their resources and their relationships with their children.


  • Oklahoma Bar Association, 2012-2019
  • Colorado Bar Association, 2019-present
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We are experienced litigators.

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Our goal is to provide superior service with your budget in mind.

We get it. No one wants to burn money on legal fees.

That’s why Skulborstad Legal Group, LLC is committed to offering you a great value without sacrificing quality. Because our practice was created specifically with our clients in mind, our fees are set with our regional market in mind.

Because one size does not fit all, we get creative when it comes to helping you afford the help you need. We offer:

  • Unbundled Legal Services–Need assistant on an as-needed basis? Our unbundled options allow you to customize your experience.
  • Fixed Fee options–Know exactly what to expect.
  • Advisory opinions–Let’s have a sit down that will give you a game plan when you leave.
  • Mediation services–Mediation can keep hourly fees under control.
  • No nickel and diming–We are upfront about all of your costs, so you can choose the course that best suits your budget.
  • Our billing is straightforward and easy to understand.  Contact our law firm in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, Colorado for an initial consultation.
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Our Promise To You

We want you to be happy to pay your bill. Really.

Our promise to you is to provide service that you will be happy to pay for. Your results are our success, and our mission is to give you the best representation possible, no matter how big or how small your case may be.