Filing for Divorce in Colorado? Learn how a Court Determines Income for Alimony and Child Support.

Filing a divorce in Colorado? The following is how the court determines income for alimony and child support.

Divorce: Valuing Marital Property

As mentioned in a previous blog, Divorce: Marital vs. Separate Property, when a court divides parties’ property, it first must determine whether the property is classified as marital or separate property.

Divorce: Marital vs. Separate Property

For many, dividing marital assets and debts can often be the most important aspect of a divorce. It is what your new chapter in life is going to be built on.

Experienced Colorado Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is hard–there are no two ways about it. But if you have made the difficult decision to start a new chapter, let our Colorado divorce lawyers stand by your side.

There is No Such Thing as an “Average” Divorce Case.

When it comes to divorce cases, no two cases are alike. Many times a new client

Q. Can I file for divorce on my own?

The short answer is, yes. But why on Earth would you want to?